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LCBIDDING - The Smartest and most efficent way to discount your LC

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  • New Source of Earning

    New Source of Earning

  • Training Support

    Training Support

  • Cross selling options

    Cross selling options

  • Timely payout

    Timely payout

  • Grow Your business

    Grow Your business

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    Annuity earnings

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    Digital Marketing Support

  • Transpernt Platform

    Transpernt Platform

About us

www.LCBIDDING.com is a revolutionary online letter of credits discounting rates discovery platform. LCBIDDING.COM is more than just a mere company, we are a family of professionals with relevant backgrounds as proof of our expertise. It's time for you to join us; Become a Channel Partner.

Advantages with www.LCBIDDING.com

Discount with advantage
  • 1 LCBD (Letter of Credit Backed Bill Discounitng)

    Sellers who have received a LC gets an opportunity to comapre and select the best LC discounitng interest rates against there LC online with the liberty to choose the bank and getting their LC discounted (post shipmet )in quick turn-around time, irrespective of industry and location. Similarly Buyers who have issued LC now can get their vendors funded post shipment and extend the credit period as per the usnace period of LC.

  • 2 Reach

    Business entity located anywhere in India can get there LC discounted (post shipment and after receipt of acceptance form LC opening bank) at the lowest rates on our portal.

  • 3 Netwok

    25+ Banks

  • 4 Core Products

    Inland/Domestic Lc discounitng, Export LC discounting, Suppliers Credit arrangement for imports (LC backed) , Buyers Credit for imports (SBLC Backed)

  • 5 Our USP

    India's largest online LC discounitng aggregators.

  • 6 Payout

    Transperent and best payout.


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  • 6) What benefits I will get?

  • 7) When can I start referring clients?

  • 8) When will the Payout get credited?

  • 9) What benefits I will get?