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Supplier's Credit

Supplier's credit is a facility of arranging funds for importers using LC. This credit facility is extended to importers for imports into India by Foregin Bank or Indian Bank branched in overseas based on LC issued by importer's Indian bank.Letter of Credit issued by Indian Banks under Usance bills on behalf of their importers are discounted by Indian bank branches situated overseas or Foreign Banks.

How it Works

  • Before opening LC importer share basic details of trade with to get quote for Supplier credit .
  • identifies best bank with lowest quotes from foreign banks and from Indian banks overseas branches to client acceptance.
  • Upon acceptance of rate by Client, notifies specific clauses to be incorporated in the LC.
  • Importer request their LC opening bank to issues LC .
  • LC issuing bank opens and transmits the LC via SFMS to off shore bank (arranged by which in turn sends LC to beneficiary (i.e Exporter) bank via SFMS.
  • Exporter ships the goods to the client on intimation that the LC has been received by their bank.
  • Exporter lodges the documents evidencing shipment of goods and all documents required as mentioned in LC to their bank which forwards them to LC issuing bank via Off shore bank.
  • Payment is made to the exporter by disbursing supplier's credit once acceptance from LC issuing bank is received.
  • On due date, principal plus interest recovered from client remitted by LC issuing bank to offshore bank.


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