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How it Work

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A unique initiative taken to aid in the process of raising quick and cost effective finance for working capital need of business. Through any kind of business house located anywhere in India who is either going to receive or issue domestic, export or import LCs , will now get an opportunity of raising funds online at an attractive discounting interest rates and in quick turn-around time is connected with different banks and NBFCs, who enlist their interested rates on our platform. You can compare the interest rates offered on the portal for you by different banks/NBFCs and you can choose the best one for yourself. In this way, you can get the best rate of the market irrespective of your location. In addition, it also acts as a beneficial medium for banks/NBFCs and borrowers for having transparent communications and deals. Being completely secured, now you have to go through fewer hassles for raising funds as is going to simplify it for you. Also you have the opportunity to avail LC discounted in quick time and thereby improving cash flow and thereby also gaining an edge by minimising the finance cost, thus an increase in profit. More business with minimal efforts, start witnessing the difference with

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LCBIDDING.COM gives the Lending Bank/NBFC opportunity to lend their help to the needful business by listing their LC discounting rates. The benefits of this platform are:

  • Allows you to compare the interest rates enlisted by different banks to choose the best one.
  • Liberty to choose the bank that meets your expectations for interest rates and turn around time.
  • End to end support with regards to documentation and finalizing terms of LC.
  • Has an all-India presence.
  • Helps the banks or NBFCs to explore new markets with no cost.
  • Alert the borrowers about the due date of payment.
  • Cost as well as energy and time saving.
  • Lastly, allows the lenders to choose the borrowers after proper risk assessment and readily available KYC and financials verification.

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  • 555 No of LC Discounted
  • 95 Satisfied Client
  • 38 Banks/NBFC'S Listed
  • 34 Ongoing LC Discounting